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Browse Spreadsheets - Business & Finance : 101-150 programs listed after popularity

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  • Reconcile Wizard Add-In For Excel  101)   Reconcile Wizard Add-In For Excel 1.1
    Free utility to reconcile and summarize differences between two sets of data in Excel. Easy-to-use wizard guides you through three simple steps to build your reconciliation.

  • mergeOCR  103)   mergeOCR 3.00
    mergeOCR is a text file consolidation utility that allows automated bulk reformatting of large numbers of single pages using an IPRO imaging system load file as a guide.

  • ABC Amber QuattroPro Converter  104)   ABC Amber QuattroPro Converter 2.03
    An advanced utility which helps you convert your WQ1 (Corel QuattroPro) files to any format you wish (XLS, DBF, CSV, XML, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, and many more). Supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages.

  • Typos Finder  105)   Typos Finder 1.4
    An add-in for Microsoft Excel that helps you polish off all typos in your Excel workbooks.

  • Schedule Rotating Shifts for Your Employees  106)   Schedule Rotating Shifts for Your Employees 4.7
    The Rotating-25 spreadsheet creates rotating or fixed shift schedules with either rotating or fixed days off for up to 25 shifts per day for 25 people for up to 52 weeks. Creates a vCalendar file for your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar.

  • xlPrecision  107)   xlPrecision 2.0
    xlPrecision is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel that provides vastly more precise results from mathematical formulas, allows you to use vastly larger & smaller numbers, eliminates binary conversion errors, plus offers data control & analysis features.

  • Employee Scheduler for Excel and OpenOffice  108)   Employee Scheduler for Excel and OpenOffice 2.1
    The Employee Scheduler is an affordable spreadsheet to help you schedule hourly employees and manage your labor costs as a percentage of sales. (Requires Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice to run).

  • Advanced Excel Find & Replace  109)   Advanced Excel Find & Replace 2.1
    Microsoft Excel add-in that much extends Excel's build-in Find. It allows you to search through all opened workbooks as well as to replace found items.

  • Time Clock  110)   Time Clock 1.0
    The Softoma Time Clock has all of the great features of leading time clock programs with advanced capabilities such as email support, multiple time clock accounts, and redundant back ups.

  • RoofCOST Estimator for Excel  111)   RoofCOST Estimator for Excel 12.03
    Roofing Installation Cost Estimating Software for Excel. Designed for roofing contractors, builders, remodelers, and do-it-yourself individuals. Contains cost data and intelligent takeoff area calculator. Automatically creates price quotation.

  • Rapid PDF Count  112)   Rapid PDF Count 5.05
    Rapid PDF Count will show you how many pages are in many PDF's and generate reports for you with a few mouse clicks.

  • Merge Cells Wizard  113)   Merge Cells Wizard 3.0.8
    With Merge Cells Wizard you can merge data from several Excel cells into one cell using any separator you like (e.g. line break). The add-in preserves all data if the selection contains multiple data values. For Excel 2010 - 2003.

  • ReplyWith  114)   ReplyWith 1.10
    Tool integrated to Microsoft Outlook email toolbar allows you to reply or forward e-mail with a predefined template. Create a new template as a new e-mail or use your existing e-mail as a template. Organize it to subfolder structure for easy access.

  • Sagata Regression Pro  115)   Sagata Regression Pro 1.0
    The power of a professional regression package with the ease and comfort of a Microsoft® Excel interface. Features include: qualitative data, interactive custom modeling, stepwise regression, robust regression, and more.

  • Spreadsheet Composer  116)   Spreadsheet Composer 2.0
    Spreadsheet Composer is an Excel add-in, which provides facilities to automatically construct, verify, catalogue, manage and implement complex worksheet formulae.

  • Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle)  117)   Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) 4.2
    View any desktop database on Palm. Just use DBViewer.exe at desktop to convert your MS Access, FoxPro, dBase, Excel, MySQL, Oracle or any ODBC Compliant database to PDB and use DBViewer.prc to view it on Palm.

  • Spheresoft Highlighter for Microsoft Excel  118)   Spheresoft Highlighter for Microsoft Excel 2.0
    Real-time highlighting is now available for users of Microsoft Excel. The Spheresoft Highlighter lets users specify that cells in their spreadsheets automatically highlight when values change in real-time.

  • PDAGraphiX2  120)   PDAGraphiX2 2.0
    The Best Pocket Excel Graphic Tool. Don't be frustrated because you can't graph on your Pocket Excel. PDAGraphiX2 makes it possible. It's a powerful, flexible and dynamic graphic tool, which easily allows making amazing graphics. (Pocket PC Software)

  • Free Affiliate Website Creation Tool  121)   Free Affiliate Website Creation Tool 1.0
    Free Affiliate Website Creation Tool is a Free Program to create your very own Free Affiliate Website to Sell Dan Loks Marketing and Promotion Programs. This is one of the most lucrative Affiliate Programs on the internet.

  • Create Floor Schedules for Your Employees  122)   Create Floor Schedules for Your Employees 2.3
    Create Random Real Estate Office Floor Schedules for 6 shifts and 50 Employees for up to a month with Excel. The spreadsheet creates a vCalendar file to transfer schedules to your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar for handy reference.

  • Business Functions Standard Edition  123)   Business Functions Standard Edition 1.28
    Business Functions Standard Edition is a function library for Microsoft Excel with 371 functions for financial modeling, business planning and financial projections, including date, projections and discounted cashflow functions.

  • Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel  124)   Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel 1.4
    The Nurse Dispatcher can be used by staffing agencies that provide nurses to work various shifts at several hospitals. It is ideal for this application as well as others where you need to send people to work different shifts at different locations.

  • Classic Menu for Excel 2007  125)   Classic Menu for Excel 2007 3.00
    Show Classic Menus and Toolbars on the Ribbon of Microsoft Excel 2007. Supports all languages that are supported by Microsoft Excel 2007.

  • Workbook TOC  126)   Workbook TOC 1.1
    Workbook TOC is a table of contents generator for an Excel workbook. This Excel Add-on will create a TOC worksheet listing the names of the worksheets in the workbook. The worksheet names are also hyperlinked to allow quick navigation of a workbook.

  • Spinnaker Fuel Tax Program  127)   Spinnaker Fuel Tax Program 3.08d
    Spinnaker Fuel Tax is a program specifically written to ease the painstaking process of preparing your quarterly fuel taxes. It will work for individual owner operators, third party tax preparers and small fleets.

  • Product Scope  129)   Product Scope 8
    Keep price quotes on products you want to buy - Products you need to buy, wish lists, grocery lists, MORE! Spreadsheet Reports - Easily copy data to other programs! QUICK ToDo list maker! Software Organizer! Personal Inventory! Profile Exchanges!

  • Insta-Graph  130)   Insta-Graph 1.0
    Graph cell values automatically and instantly by selecting a range in Excel.

  • DuplicatesRemover  132)   DuplicatesRemover 2.0
    The DuplicatesRemover is an Excel add-in which finds and removes duplicates from Excel lists or tables. Any range can freely be determined and all duplicates are detected in a fraction of a second. The detected duplicates may be highlighted/deleted.

  • Excel Backup File Save Scheduler  133)   Excel Backup File Save Scheduler 7.0
    This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically save all open MS Excel spreadsheets to a separate backup file. These file backups occur while you work at intervals that you specify. Excel 2000 or higher required.

  • Pop-up Excel Calendar  134)   Pop-up Excel Calendar 1.77
    Pop-up Excel Calendar shows you a date picker when you activate a date cell in Excel, so that you can pick or select date value from the calendar by clicking mouse, instead of typing in manually, thus saving time and avoiding format mistakes.

  • Commodity Trader’s Helper  136)   Commodity Trader’s Helper 20.02
    Whether a seasoned trader or a novice, you will find this a valuable resource. Features include: A rich variety of World Wide Web links; Information presented as both lists of terms and in a booklet-tutorial form; An index of terms; Easily navigable

  • Schedule Split Shifts for Your Employees with Excel  137)   Schedule Split Shifts for Your Employees with Excel 6.3
    The Split-25 Excel spreadsheet creates schedules where each employee can be assigned to 1 or 2 categories, 1 or 2 locations and 1 or 2 times each day for up to a month. Creates a vCalendar file for your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar.

  • Schedule Random Shifts for Your Volunteers  138)   Schedule Random Shifts for Your Volunteers 2.1
    The Rand-25 spreadsheet randomly schedules 25 people to 3 shifts per day for 52 weeks in response to the number of shifts that each person has pledged to work. It is an ideal tool for use in managing volunteers.

  • Duplicate Preventer  139)   Duplicate Preventer 2.0.2
    MS Excel add-in that helps to prevent entering duplicate data while working in Excel. Duplicate Preventer integrates into MS Excel by placing its toolbar into the Excel toolbar area.

  • EndoClinic  140)   EndoClinic 1.5
    Management for your endoscope clinic with many featurescomplete ,patient database included all needed information and patient photo ,support all device compatible with WDM/DirectX live video can preview in full screen

  • Mobile Database Viewer(Access,xls,Oracle)for S60  142)   Mobile Database Viewer(Access,xls,Oracle)for S60 1.5
    View Access,FoxPro,dBase,Excel.Oracle and any ODBC enable Database on S60 mobile phone like Nokia 7650,3650 .View database tables: all at a time or record at a time. View all at a time or record at a time.Support of Search records:

  • Raxso Enterprise  143)   Raxso Enterprise 5.0
    Try a professional file/text finder with a rich set of features. Searching criteria includes files/folders with include/exclude filters. The unique Logical Text phrasing can help you quickly pinpoint text or a combination of keywords in any file.

  • Change Case  144)   Change Case 2.0
    Quickly and easily convert text between upper, lower, and proper case with this Microsoft Excel add-on tool. Simply select the text and then select the desired case from the menu bar. In just a matter of seconds Change Case will convert the text.

  • ReplaceMagic ExcelOnly Standard  145)   ReplaceMagic ExcelOnly Standard 2.0.5
    Have you ever been in situation that you need to change text, header, footer, comments, OLE object links, hyperlinks or even more in thousands of files and you had to open each file manually to make changes? With ReplaceMagic that is very simple.

  • PDF Bookmark Print  146)   PDF Bookmark Print 1.17
    PDF Bookmark Print is an Acrobat plug-in tool for full version of Acrobat Standard / Professional. The tool is used to print specific bookmarks, simple easy tree selection of bookmarks. Search and mark options, print index based on selected bookmarks

  • Free Mind Mapping - Freemind Mapper  148)   Free Mind Mapping - Freemind Mapper 0.8.1
    A mind mapper, and at the same time an easy-to-operate hierarchical editor with strong emphasis on folding. These two are not really two different things, just two different descriptions of a single application.

  • MITCalc - Welded connections  149)   MITCalc - Welded connections 1.13
    The calculation is intended for the geometrical design and strength control of statically loaded welded connections. Application supports Imperial and Metric units, is based on ANSI, ISO, DIN standards and support many 2D and 3D CAD systems

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